Levchuk Professional

Levchuk Professional is a manufacturer of professional eyebrow products and owner of BrowXenna®, Slide&Tap, Lena Levi brands. In 2008 Irina Levchuk and Natalia Krasnoperova founded the Lash&Brow Academy, which became the first school training eyebrow specialists, and in 2012 they created the first henna for eyebrows.

For over 10 years we have been developing the lash&brow industry, training professionals all over the world and creating trending products.


BrowXenna is a brand for professionals that covers all tools and materials for eyebrow lamination, eyebrow tinting (including the legendary Brow Henna), and a line of eyebrow grooming products.

BrowXenna henna is the first natural product for permanent eyebrow coloring. The result of the procedure lasts up to 14 days on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hairs. The BROWXENNA henna palette contains 12 shades that can be mixed with each other.

Lena Levi

Lena Levi is a brand of eyebrow and eyelash products available to everyone!

The products are easy to use, do not require professional skills and special training. The series contains multifunctional products for eyebrows and eyelashes care, decorative cosmetics and unique powder paint.

Lena Levi is a new formulation and unrivaled quality. The assortment of products will become a ready solution for brow bars, makeup schools, training centers, beauty salons and studios, as well as professional stores. The Lena Levi brand has been awarded as a Revolutionary product in the field of eyebrow design.


Slide&Tap is a brand that combines products for microblading: highly concentrated cream pigments and tools.

Slide&Tap pigments are specially designed for microblading: the high concentration (80%) of the colorant ensures a stable, predictable result and 100% pigment fixation in the skin. The pigments are produced within the framework of the pharmaceutical standard GMP.

The brand's assortment includes manipulas, needles for different microblading techniques and sterile consumables.